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Website Security

Has your Website been marked as NOT SECURE? To where you see those words pop up to the left of your Website address in the search engine bar at the top of the Webpage?

Are you searching for what to quickly do about it so you don't lose followers, supporters and other visitors to your Website?

We're here to help on an immediate basis!

Come July 2018, Google is implementing a far-reaching Internet security policy that will affect the Websites of nonprofits, public agencies, educational institutions and businesses worldwide.

Warning labels will automatically appear declaring Websites as insecure and at risk.

Websites that do not use credit cards, call for other personal information or are actually secure sites will be included.

As a result, organizations everywhere will panic, fret, ask others what to do about it and/or delve into researching how to fix the problem.

If you're the kind of person who doesn't want to spend the time researching and reading in an effort to figure out what to do – and you instead want a live person who can talk with you about it, provide an immediate solution and answer other questions that will help with your web presence – then you're in the right place!

You can book an appointment to meet with our expert online or by phone where we'll be happy to walk you through it in easy to understand terms so that the problem can be taken care of right away, same day.

PLUS if we finish with the subject ahead of time, you can also ask other questions related to your Website, the effectiveness of your online presence and ways to market your organization and mission online.

We're offering this service at half off  our normal charge given the urgency of this development and how seriously it will be affecting many.

Click below to book your appointment. You'll be asked to choose a date and time, and you'll have the option of paying via Pay Pal or credit card. In light of the deep discount reflected in this offer, were not able to do refunds and once an appointment is set it cannot be rescheduled. However, appointments are transferable should you not be available at the time you chose and want to send someone else.

Be sure to provide your phone number and/or email address through the payment console so we can send you the connection info. Also please note the name of your organization. Our notice will come to you from support [at] creatingthefuturenow.com.

We hope this service will be helpful to you and we look forward to the opportunity to assist. Also ask about our other online/phone coaching services.


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