Our Services

Capacity Building
training, technical assistance and other support services to enable non-profit groups and public agencies to be as effective as possible in their services and missions. 

Public Awareness 
educational forums and programs to better inform the public on issues and topics that affect quality of life and future well being, plus solutions for the future.

Special Projects
projects on topics relevant to the future and now, from sustainable community planning and renewable energy to empowered public engagement to compassionate animal welfare and much more. 

Capacity Building

Here to Help!

We offer a range of services to assist and support other organizations in building their capacity and achieving their goals. Examples follow. Prices are affordable and we accept online payments. Call on our experts and get immediate results in furthering your mission!

Online events

We've been leaders in online events since 2005, including Webcasts, Webinars, Virtual Conferences and more. We also facilitate online meetings. Contact us about your upcoming event. CLICK here for Testimonials.

Coaching & training

Professional development coaching and training with our experts are within immediate reach no matter where you are, via online meeting or phone. See OFFER tab above for a time-sensitive special offer!

Technical assistance

 Specialized services in community planning, energy, environment, sustainability, other fields ... plus experts in diverse online technologies and strategies.  

Web support

Does your organization need a new Website? Or feedback on your current site and how to make it better? Call on us to get you where you want to go!

Outreach & engagement

Need help in finding and reaching your best audiences? We can assist with media outreach ("the press"), social media marketing and other ways of getting you visible and heard.


See OFFER tab above and stay tuned for other Capacity Building opportunities coming soon!