Just some of the KUDOS from our event attendees

Since 2005 our innovative “distance learning” events have consistently drawn praise and congratulations from participants. Examples from the many and varied online events we’ve hosted include:

Energy Solutions Conference

Just a few of the comments sent in about the event include:

· “Just amazing!"

· "I feel empowered to carry the messages forward to my local community. “

· “ALL the presenters were fantastic.”

· “It was wonderful for my heart” -- so many positive things." 

· "I plan to spread the knowledge.”

· “WOW!” …“exciting” … “important” … “impressive” … “KUDOS!!”

· “All of the presentations were extremely informative.”


From evaluation forms on some of our other events:

“Thank you so much for offering this! I think this has provided a tremendous service to our "industry" -- thank you!!!!”

“Great job and really a wonderful opportunity for people. Thank you for  such a worthwhile effort.”

“The 2 conference events that I listened to not only were helpful but the conference, and folks like you, give me hope to keep going.Thank you!”

“I am grateful for the opportunity of hearing from so many experienced people.  I live in such a rural area that it is difficult to travel … to conferences and this was on par with things I would so often like to attend!”

 “I'd definitely like to attend more of these webinars … Invaluable!

“The webinar format has been an extremely efficient and valuable resource for us … Thank you!”

“This virtual conference has been a "first" for me - i've never experienced anything like this before.  I've attended webinars before, but never a series of such well organized, informative and truly useful day to day knowledge sharing sessions.”

Incredible that you could offer these programs for those of us who care, and work so hard to help (others).”

“When I think of what it would have cost to go to a conference and hear speakers of this caliber … thank you for putting this together.”

“Thank you so, so much for putting this together!! It has been so very helpful for me. I really can't thank you enough.”

Great program. Thanks so much!”

“This was fabulous i encouraged others with the groups i work with to participate i hope some of them did cause they really missed out.”

 “What a great conference. You had an impressive panel of presenters providing good advice. I appreciate the convenience of the online format … Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for the great job.”

“Thank you so much, Marcia for all you've put into this!”  

“Thank you for this thoughtful line up of presenters.  This has been so inspirational and educationalfor me.  I am starting an organization and this has just done so much for me - the opportunity to hear from so many forerunners is great!”

“I'm just in the process of starting a new nonprofit and this is absolutely invaluable to me!!!”

“All the speakers have been great and (I) have learned so much.”

“Thank you so much for offering this...and for free!”

“This was my first time using the webinar. I have a very old computer and was pleasantly surprised that I was able to follow all the sessions as well as if I had been there in person. The interaction feature was easy and effective. Thanks! The speakers gave excellent presentations offering not only information specific to their fields, but included enough resources to do more follow-up after the conference. Bravo for both the conception and the execution of this event!”

 “Gave me encouragement and confidence that we CAN do this.”

“I learned lots from all the speakers”

Every session that I attended was great.”

“… the sessions were wonderful.”

“Keep up the great work. It was better than I expected. Marcia did excellent job as moderator, seriously!”

“Nearly every session had an amazing amount of information, most of it applicable to my situation. It was run very professionally and well …”

“this was most informative,, I would have never been able to attend this program,, it was wonderful"

Foundation events, testimonials

Foundation events, testimonials